First Solar (FSLR) headed to sub $100 price

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by xenix, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. xenix


    I can't remember the analyst's name or his firm, but he was on this afternoon on the show hosted by Pim Fox - "taking stock". He's predicting that it will basically drop another 30%.

    His rationale was that the company was backpedaling on the idea that the polycrystaline manufacturers would never be a threat because their (FS) production costs were so much lower.

    But apparently FS has stated that they are lowering prices to stay competitive with the traditional panel makers.

    Say what?

    I had actually bought into that argument myself, but however the other guys are doing it, they are managing to compete with the thin films.

    How he gets to a price targe of <$100 is another matter. If you want actual facts and shit like that, you're in the wrong thread. :cool:
  2. chvid


    I am trading this and I have noticed some wild after hours movement.

    Yesterday there is a spike up at around 5 pm.

    (Even more noticeable on my interactive brokers datafeed.)
  3. chvid


    And then theres the 25% move on earnings reporting.

    Not something to trade with a thight stop/loss.