First poll numbers are in

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  1. First poll numbers are in

    CNN and CBS both have Obama winning big

    don't remember all the numbers,but CNN had Obama winning 58 % Mccain 31 % and Obama likability going higher and McCain's going lower

    CBS had Obama winning even bigger
  2. Fox internet poll has Obama winning so far

    Question of the Day

    Who won the final presidential debate?

    John McCain 32%

    Barack Obama 68%

    Total Voters:27934
  3. Somewhere around 12-13% of voters are undecided. Obama needs at least a 10% "Poll" victory before the election to even have a chance of winning since most black politicians lose that percentage in a REAL election because of the "whitey" factor.

    In other words, say Obama has only a 5% lead in the polls before Nov 4th. This will not be good enough for him to win. He will lose by 5%. I believe that the 12-13% of voters who are undecided are reluctant to vote for Obama because of his terrorist ties in the past and he is black. This could haunt him and make him lose the election.

  4. Yes, but does "winning" a debate mean you win an election? Does 27K voters cover a broad base such as the whole USA in an election?

    Yes, I know. These are better questions. Your welcome.

  5. Well there are over 550,000 votes in now and Obama is winning by a even bigger margin

    Question of the Day
    Who won the final presidential debate?

    John McCain 15%

    Barack Obama 85%

    Total Voters:567612

    (CBS) Uncommitted voters named Barack Obama as the winner of the third and final presidential debate by a large margin, according to a CBS News/Knowledge Networks poll.

    HEMPSTEAD, New York (CNN) -- A majority of debate watchers think Sen. Barack Obama won the third and final presidential debate, according to a national poll conducted right afterward.

    58 % of debate watchers questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll said Democratic candidate Obama did the best job in the debate, with 31 percent saying Republican Sen. John McCain performed best.

    Who won the final US presidential debate?Barack Obama and John McCain held their third and final debate on Wednesday night. Who came away victorious?, Thursday October 16 2008 03.32 BST

    92.8% Barack Obama

    7.2% John McCain

    Poll closes in 1 day
    Votes are counted every 60 seconds
  6. TGregg


    An internet poll, lol. If those things were worth anything, Paul woulda smoked through the primaries in a landslide.
  7. Still interesting that Intrade shows Obama up 4 after the debate to 86, McCain down to 14.3.

    Oh well, only 3 weeks to go, should be interesting at least.

  8. He has no terrorist ties. At least there is no evidence that he has.
  9. people thought kerry and al gore won, too
  10. kerry and gore did not have the leads that Obama has now
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