First Petfood, now it's Toothpaste...

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  1. dont brush your teeth with petfood DUH
  2. The Chinese are poisoning their own people in worse ways and think nothing of it, while believing this is how their version of an industrial revolution is run.

    Looks like around half of the food or food ingredients consumed in the US is imported from various foreign countries, with the cheapest labor of course, and the lowest standards.

    Grow your own food. Support your local farmer's market. Ask the local farmer if he actually grew it, or imported it cheaper than he could grow it!
  3. ya grow your own food, thats a real solution for the world's population oh man :p
  4. I see you've got a goat. If you've got land enough to keep a goat, you've got enough land to grow yer own. Grow your own or be poisoned! Hire a gardener, but you can't trust them either.

    It must be the weekend.
  5. "What are we going to do with our FDA chief when he doesn't do his job?"

    Suggest that he start a hedge fund. There's gold in dem der pharms.
  6. the FDA hasnt done its job either. they dont screen their cattle for BSE for example. they turn a blind eye to our dairy cattle behing injected with cancer causing growth hormones courtesy of monsanto (the geniuses behind agent orange). and they accept payoffs from big pharma to greenlight drugs.

    how about the EPA telling everyone that the air was safe in lower manhattan right after 9/11?

    we need to send some of our corrupt leaders to china.
  7. Isn't Monsanto the idiots who also bring Aspartame to the world?

    With the FDA's approval of course...
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