First New York

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  1. Hi . . . I have a few questions about First New York and would be greatly appreciative of anyone who works there that can PM me . . . I had an interview there today and just have a few questions thanks alot
  2. How did the interview go?

    I am curious to hear about their approach/attitude towards the interview process..

    In the past, I have heard some pretty silly things about them, and what the value in potential traders.
  3. what silly things have you heard about the interview process? PM me if you don't wanna talk on the board.
  4. Well a few years ago, 2 things struck me as strange. (This is going from what I have heard and read from other posters, btw..)

    Certain managers in particular interviewing were viewed as arrogant, and wanted applicants to essentially march into the room pounding thier chest like a gorilla, claiming they wanted to take home $2,000,000.

    I guess to them, this showed "aggresiveness, drive, and the will to succeed." To me, it just seemed naive to have a new trader expect that.

    If someone with little/no expereince walked into my office and said that I would laugh at them.

    Also, they seemed preoccupied on their website with hiring "college athletes" and making a point of stressing that on their website awhile back when profiling an employee.

    (Not that there is anything wrong with that, but what they were getting at is someone who excels in one competitve environment, will probably have a better chance at succedding in another environment.)

    But to make college sports the litmus test and not look at other things seemed a bit silly.

    Again, this is just what I gathered from other people, and what I observed a few years ago. It could have all changed by now.