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  1. Anyone ever hear of First New York Securities? They have an incredible training program from what I see on the website and they pay 50k a year to trainees. The training lasts from 18 months to 2 years. It seems great but how hard is it to get into? I sent a resume out a couple weeks ago and haven't heard anything.

    Anyone who actually trades there or knows someone that trades there please respond.
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    wow like the website !! any infos, surely a series 7
  3. Not sure I understand this comment but part of the training is them preparing you to take the series 7 and 55. That is the first 10 weeks of training.
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    Maybe they only keep 10 percent after the training ??
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    They have been around a while and have a good reputation.
  6. These guys are pretty good...I believe the ex-owner of Generic has taken over the helm at FNYS (Don I think). They are a different "breed" of trading firm...they only add a couple of people per year (maybe 2-10), and do have a longer term training program.

    Not really competitors of ours, so I can honestly say that I think they're a good firm.

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    I guess it's ok to post your link then, since they do not compete!

    FNYS is a first class operation, especially if you hook up with the right mentor.

    Very competitive to get in if you are not introduced by a partner.
  8. Thanks Don, hopefully I can be one of the 2-10 people, the NJ offices are 4 miles from my home and the training program is really what draws me to them.
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    Don't worry DON will recruit you if FNYS does not want you.
  10. Have you tried getting a job there or do you know someone that has? Looks like they just take recent college grads, I'm an experienced professional I would think my resume would stand up against college grads, but maybe its just who you know?
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