First New York Securities

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by knowledgebone, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. What does anyone know about First New york Securities?
  2. Yeah, they SUCK!!!...bad service, poor software, terrible executions, stay away!!!
  3. LOL!!!:D
  4. You guys are sick. LOL

    No one has anything good to say anymore, mainly becasue no one is making money!!!!!
  5. rs7


    How's the food?


  6. :D
  7. never heard of them
  8. If your serious about a good front end platform and low rates, e-mail me.
  9. ....Or try Shill Securities out of NYC...

    lowest rates (.0000000025 per share)
    no desk fees
    free software
    ginzu Knife set if you refer a freind
    Free massage while you trade
    lap dances ( min daily volume must exceed 100k shares)
  10. okwon


    Try doing a search in the upper right corner for First New York or FNYS.
    #10     Mar 26, 2003