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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by RandyM85, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. RandyM85


    I was fortunate enough to score an interview with First New York for next month. Has anyone here interviewed with them? From what I understand they bring you back for a 2nd interview if they like you. I'm just looking for someone who has interviewed with them to let me know what I should expect since I've heard the interview is very difficult. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Kuran47


    How about some more details? What position(s) are you interviewing for? What's your background? Any trading experience(s)?
  3. First interview does not mean much, it's later on that counts. I honestly think they do it for a little promotion more than anything.

    Mine was a while back, the guy asked some questions, checked out my Ebay business which I had at the time, tried to be a hard interviewer but I did not budge and did not really care. Said to call him after I get some experience.

    Truth is that it's so hard to get in there that you almost have to know someone pretty well to get a position. Nepotism all the way. Or be super duper Ivy league.

    They will try to grill you, put a stress test on you. Try to make you feel that you do not belong there, which you probably don't. If you show signs of that, no chance for a call back.

    They get 100s of resumes and have few openings. And if there are 5 other interviewing kids with close connections to the senior traders, well, hate to tell you but you have no shot. Luck of the draw.
  4. RandyM85


    So this was before you had any trading experience? Were a few years out of college or just out? I do have a good amount of experience so I'm hoping that will help me. Thanks for your information. It's seeming less and less likely that this interview means anything.
  5. Kuran47


    "Truth is that it's so hard to get in there that you almost have to know someone pretty well to get a position... Or be super duper Ivy league."

    Well, with the partners putting their own money at risk, shouldn't they be diligent in making sure that they don't turn their money over to some people who don't have the talent to trade or are just wannabe's who just don't know how to trade?

    Regarding the "super duper Ivy league"... it's not necessarily true. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence or talent in trading will get a shot. There are plenty of non-Ivy Leaguers at FYNS.
  6. Does anyone know how likely it is to get accepted on a second interview at FNYS.

    My first interview went well, and I was asked for a second one, but don't want to waste my time because I live in Florida.

    By the way, I didn't know anyone there.
  7. Surdo


    That's good news, and btw they should be paying for the flights!

    el surdo
  8. With experience, yes you are correct. They actually prefer guys with some experience, that's what I was told. But with no experience, FNYS gives high emphasis on the Ivy league.

    They get god knows how many resumes, after all, they have almost no direct competition. Especially now with the Hybrid washing out a lot of traders, they must be flooded with resumes. So they are in an even greater position to pick and choose, put guys through rounds of interviews and get very selective. They do not open up doors like the fake prop firms, their positions are quite limited. But the first interview is given to a lot of people, a lot more than realize.

    More power to them, I respect their business model and only wish more firms cared enough to put such investment into their traders.
  9. Can you explain what you mean by that? How is the Hybrid system washing out traders? Is it harder to trade hybrid?