First New York Building Hedge Fund Business(HFAlert)

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    First New York Building Hedge Fund Business(HFAlert)
    Proprietary-trading shop First New York is taking another stab at launching a hedge fund. The firm, whose 125 internal and external portfolio managers run a little more than $3 billion of gross assets, envisions a multi-strategy vehicle that largely would mirror its prop-trading portfolio. Since the 1980s, First New York has earned mostly double-digit returns, with low net exposure and little volatility. The New York firm plans to begin trading the FNY Total Return Fund in the second half, seeding it with $200 million of gross assets. It then would spend some time developing a track record while marketing the vehicle to outside investors.
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    I wouldn't invest my worst enemy's money in BBB-. How does a hedge fund, a place that is supposed to have great risk control, be so risky they can't even get proper corporate debt? LOL.
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    Because they are using the money to lever it at a brokerage account and then trade it.

    Of course debt like that would be very low quality paper.