First Margin Call in 6 Years

Discussion in 'Trading' started by qll, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. qll


    Going to vacation. Huge open positions. Close to margin calls.
    Last time I got margin call is 2000, lost big then.

    Wishful thinking, when I got back, I should see healthy gains.

    It is againt most wisdoms: over long positions in bear market.
    For some reason, I just feel margin calls won't be come to me, and I sleep well.

    Reason 1: Been there, Done that, average down is not a problem, only this time, it is close to a margin call.

    Reason 2: I only borrow 10% on margin. Since most of my holdings are none marginable, a magin call only force me to sell 1-2% of my holdings.

    Reason 3: Made too much money this year already. Don't care to earn a little bit less.