First, Joe YouLied! Wilson, now Steele said 'flipping a bird to the American people'

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  1. You had Republican representative Joe 'You Lied!' Wilson shouting down the president in a speech to congress in September, to which even the former president George Herbert Walker Bush said "How low have we gotten here? ".

    Apparently lower, Mr. President. Now the Republican national committee chairman Michael Steele just said he's not happy with Democratic efforts to pass a health care reform bill, saying the measure which cleared a procedural hurdle Sunday amounts to "flipping a bird to the American people."


  2. Here are the words from Cuba, your intellectual base.

    HAVANA – Cuba's foreign minister called President Barack Obama an "imperial and arrogant" liar Monday for his conduct at the U.N. climate conference.
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    Suddenly we're supposed to give a rat's ass what Cuba has to say about our president?

    Who are you going to quote next; little Kimmy from North Korea? :p

    What strange bedfellows you Obama haters cozy up to. :D
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    M Jared

    I don't agree with the disrespect Bush or Obama has gotten.Its the office the Presidency.Regardless of who's in it,respect the institution
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    I have no problem with disrespect when it's deserved. But what these Obama haters have been dishing out is anything and everything to try to put Obama down, whether it's deserved or not.

    "Hahaha! Obama looked bad when he tried to get the Olympics in Chicago. Who cares that it was a loss for America as well? Just so long as it's a loss for Obama!" That's the kind of nihilistic hatred that's been spread on this forum and every other political forum even before Obama was inaugurated. It's like an orgasmic hate-fest on the right, much the sort of thing that I imagine takes place at klan rallies, only nonstop now.
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    It would be despicable conduct unbecoming...except that it's true.
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  8. But Wilson was correct. Hussein lied. I don't really understand why Democrats think this story is good for them. You have a democrat addressing Congress and lying, and someone calls him on his lie. Why do democrats think this story helps them?
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