First it was Joe the Plumber, then Fox News in Orlando, now this.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brandonf, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. Thunderdog your willing to tell someone to go fuck themself just because they disagree with your articles and the people that write them. Your truly the one who is fucked up.

    There is a growing number of people out there with political agression personality disorder.
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  2. You need to look up Pabst's history of posts to me. He has repeatedly told me to go fuck myself, called me a cocksucker, a communist and whatever else he learned in the gutter, for no other reason that because I disagreed with him. I did not start the insults and have initially not responded in kind. But there is only so much thuggery that I will tolerate. He just keeps bringing it on. Did he need to insult me in his last post in this thread? I have not insulted you even though I disagree with several of your posts that I have read. You may or may not wish to retract your derogatory remark towards me.
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  3. Sorry. You're making me feel guilty and mean. I retract every thing but clueless....

    edit: Commie too.

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  4. As do I, with the exception of the judgment of a gnat and values of a sociopath part.
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  5. Aww why don't you go tell on him. The reason why the maturity level sucks on this forum is because first there are people who are downright imature and then there are people that are so emotionally controlled by others beliefs that they are willing to sink down to the level of the emotionally immature.

    I won't retract my remarks because your argument against Pabst also is an argument against yourself.
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  6. I'll keep that in mind.

    Interestingly, my exchange with Pabst had nothing to do with you and was not directed towards you, and yet you felt compelled to add your own inflammatory remark. Thanks for injecting a level of maturity to this forum.
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  7. Don't see anything wrong with either candidate doing something like this and it isn't surprising either. They are in a battle for president and you want both candidates making aggressive decisions to try to win. That lets us see how they operate under pressure, how they fight. With all the news sources on the internet people only have themselves to blame if they are uninformed, aka Palin.
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