First it was Joe the Plumber, then Fox News in Orlando, now this.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brandonf, Oct 31, 2008.

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  2. don't we all wish at times we invented the drudge report? It bet he makes far more from ads on that site in a week than most daytraders in a year (the 5% who make money).
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    no doubt, lol.
  4. Get real.

    I guess when there are no mountains, some people are compelled to put a magnifying glass to whatever molehills present themselves.
  5. Papers owned by Ruperpt Murdoch...the Reverend Sun Myung Moon....and Belo Corp.

    Yes...quite the independent press. LOL!!

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    Why can't both side's have a seat at the table. I have no doubt that folks working at Fox News, for example, have given more money to McCain vs Obama, but I'm also pretty sure at CNN we'd find that Obama has gotten the dough. Both parties have an audience of people who watch them and get information from them. Why should anyone from the legitimate press be excluded from the game?
  7. Sorry Brandon.

    I just can't answer questions from your premise of "I have no doubt," or "I'm pretty sure."

  8. If you can't differentiate between an opinion columnist such as Dowd vs. reporters then you're every bit the clueless hack you portray on ET......

  9. How many seats and tables are there in an aircraft? And how many journalists are vying for those seats and tables? I don't know, and I'm guessing that you don't know either. Yet you're ready to draw sweeping conclusions based on limited information. Not unlike GWB...

    I didn't think that the First Amendment assured all interested journalists a seat on a presidential candidate's campaign aircraft. I would think that the campaign is entitled to a bit of discretion to allot the limited available space as it sees fit, and that it need not be dictated to by anyone who gets all pouty.
  10. Really? Is that the only point you derived from those three links? I bet you scored really well in Special Ed. Even within the context of your (not surprisingly) limited interpretation of my post, I would venture to say that some reporters are fairly interchangeable with opinion columnists. But that's neither here nor there, and unrelated to the matter at hand.

    You have insulted me once too often. And whereas I may be clueless, you exhibit the judgment of a gnat and the values of a sociopath. Be all you can be: go fuck yourself.
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