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  1. My wife and I closed on our first house friday! Very exciting to say the least. Now we are doing some big remodeling work before we move in. Best part about it all is we more than doubled the size of where we were living, +an acre, and best of all a lower payment than our rent was and that is including taxes and insurance. Heck yes!

    Just thought I would let out some excitement of putting my rent money towards something finally.
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    Very good! Congratulations.
  3. Good for you!

    Best of luck in your new home.
  4. Thanks I appreciate it guys! Next step - Trading full time from home! lol
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    pics or it didnt happen
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    Good "move", brother FCX!
  7. I'm on my phone and it won't let me upload pics from it. I will have to do it on the computer once we are finished. Redoing the kitchen entirely, new flooring in most of the house just leaving some nice existing wood, and two full baths. The garage had been closed in prior, but never finished out. We added the HVAC work to it and finished it all out and did the flooring. Or are in the process of I should say. And a ton more stuff. Needless to say its a big remodel and we have our work cut out. Favorite part is the old garage is now becoming the man cave.... Hard wired in surround sound and best of all.... 120" projector screen. Im so excited haha
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    So are you putting in new hardwood floors?
  9. No lol not quite. The existing wood floors are staying but that's the only real wood. The kitchen is going to be tile, two bedrooms carpet, and one is pergo. The den is also going to be a pergo floor