First good experience with power outage in 16 years full time trading

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  1. Holy Shite! Contractor working at the house tripped a circuit and power went out in my office. The power backup on my IB computer didn't react quick enough to prevent IB from losing connection and having to reconnect. I had just taken a NQ buy at 62.5 off the open. When it came back on I took 2 off for 60x2, and held the last for 105. In 16 years full time, every time I've had a power outage while trading I ended up eating a trade if I was in, or scratching it to just get flat via a call to the broker.
    I think this one made up for all those!
    I stayed with the trade as my other platform on other computer never lost connection, so I at least had an idea where I was.
    Anyway sorry for wasting space, just had to share a good start to the day.
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    What power backup brand do you use, so I will know not to buy it. I use APC.
    Also, did you have both the PC and the router on power backup?
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  3. Cyberpower for both trading computers. The older model kept the secondary computer, router, and modem running without a hitch. The newer one worked for the computer and monitors on main (IB) computer, but the IB platform lost connection instantly and then had to reconnect. Not exactly sure what went wrong, but IB lost connection in that brief second the power blipped, while other platform kept running.
    I've had APC and Cyberpower over the years, and I can't honestly say one is truly better than the other.
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    ib lost connection for 200milliseconds once by which point the market had gapped 800 points higher. when i regained my connection fortunately my take profit order had been filled at the correct level.
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    As an electrician it seemed weird that you mentioned a UPS not switching fast enough.

    Guess cyberpower has a few different setups.

    The double conversion style as they call it is what I’m use to installing. The idea is your always fed off the battery so theirs never any switching.

    They have another style which is quick but only switches when needed and should allow for safe operation for a computer but their is a small window where their is no power and guess it was enough to kick Ib off.
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    If you make enough money trading you can always deduct the cost of backup power generation :D:strong:
  7. %%
    A stock trend tends not to end; or SPY QQQ. LOL I had E Signal go out on a short term trade; good thing i could still get the bid/ask + wrote down prices on paper. I dont believe in auto closing a position for only one data provider........................................................
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    Some trading platforms hold orders on your computer & others send the orders to the broker's server.
    If you trade with Ninjatrader for example, your orders will be held on your computer so if you lose power the SL/TP won't get placed with your broker.
    I think if you use TWS at IB then your orders are sent to the broker's server.
    TWS has a tendency to disconnect with the smallest "blink" in power loss.
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    Maybe someone can randomly cut your power while trading lol. Someone backtest this. Ha
  10. Thanks for the article. Before I bought the newest unit I had done some research and was thinking of going with the sinewave option, but in various reviews I read of people having compatibility issues with their computers.
    For my issue today I am thinking it had something to do with sensitivity with the IB feed as the other feed had no issue, or could be something with the computer I have IB on and its connection.
    What I will be doing is talking to the electrician when he comes on site and see if he has any suggestions for power to the office. It has never been a huge problem, but preventing the big problem is worth asking. Besides, with what the wife has going on here now what's a few more dollars!
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