first generation in US history not to surpass their parents income

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  1. Yep... we're all a bunch of wankers until the next world war which should likely be here in this decade.
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  2. +1. That was a very lame statement. One might as well say that a poor person is a bad person because they don't dress as well as wealthy kids.

    Looks/outfits and being a good/bad kid have nothing to do with each other.
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  3. pitz


    Greedy boomers are stealing all the compensation for themselves in the workplaces.

    The group of people entering the workforce today (or not entering the workplace..unfortunately) are the most educated, and most intelligent ever. They use technology and communicate with unsurpassed ease.

    Yet they are asked to take a minimum in compensation, while dinosaur boomers are paid insanely high salaries, pensions, etc.

    Makes no sense to me whatsoever. And I suspect a good bout of hyperinflation in the next decade will take care of this imbalance.
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  4. The old corrupt leave and the new corrupt set into power its the same change every gen change..

    the youth fight the Olds wars and are brainwashed into thinking its their war...

    The old manage the new ideas of the youth and hold the youth into an idea of how they should approach life while milking them for their strength and originality...

    then the youth take over and become the old and the cycle repeats no generation is more guilty than the other all people are the same.

    Its our nature to destroy and manipulate and caremore for ourselves than others.
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  5. You have some interesting arguments about not wanting conscription. But I would think you would want the things they offer. But, I understand. When I served during Vietnam many felt the same way you do. They rioted or went to Canada or both. You remind me of many of them that spit at me when I came back home in uniform after the long fight in ‘nam. No one really wants to go into harms way. But some of us had to do it because that is the way “civilized” people act.

    Then there is this business of “shit scared” of young people. You could be right. Getting older takes your energy away. If young people would get angry at me today and want to fight I don’t have the energy I used to, to fight them back - my first action is to always avoid confrontation. But, I still work out like I was taught to, well almost, I could not kick some ones teeth out like I used to. That’s part of old age. I would probably only be able to kick in the midsection today…

    Almost forgot (senior moment)....There is one advantage I have a young person does not have today because there is no draft. During ‘nam they taught me how to defend myself if attacked. They made it second nature to me when cornered. It’s like riding a bike. You never forget. You had to. You spent every minute wondering who or what would jump out of the jungle in ‘nam and cut your throat. It all comes back to me now…. But, I don’t react to it the way I used to…But then again I could…

    But think about it. You could learn the same skills I did in the service. A few years in Afghanistan would give you the same wonderful survival skills I learned. There is nothing like a year or two of Close Quarters Combat Training each week to help prepare you for life back here in the states.

    And then there was all that constant marksmanship training I got. I could hit a three shot group almost dead center by the time I left the service (in record time). You could learn the same skill. I’m still just as good as I ever was at 75 meters with a rifle. Then there are all those hand guns I qualified with. They were some kind of fire power. You know, I think I could almost take most of those pieces apart and put them back together blind folded like we were taught to do. Think what you could learn instead of all this trading stuff that will take every last penny of yours. You should enlist in the military tomorrow and learn all these skills!

    But wait…you know the more I think about it I guess I don’t have to be as “shit scared” of young people as I thought I was.
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  6. The sad fact is vietnam was a utterly useless war with no merit, like the current neo-con wars.

    The current generation better wake up fast to the threat to national security posed by the neocon/neocommie elite and their fascist tea-gagging minions.

    All these bastards and their trailer-trash slaves know is endless war mongering.

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