first generation in US history not to surpass their parents income

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  1. I expect veritas from you. Smart people are supposed to be able to sift through the BS... Am I deluding myself?
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    Maybe you should read a few pages back and you'll see why I'm bitching :p

    Even on the BBC there have been a couple of times when I've seen them actively try and demonize teenagers. Last year ( or year before? ) in the general election the conservatives were trying to push in their manifesto about how they would raise the level of 'discipline' on students in schools. They've also been more recently talking about how there are teenagers who go around attacking people. They've eased up on it now but I've noticed there are times when they specifically single teenagers out.

    My own mum even mentioned once and I think this was either about drunk drivers or simple car accidents and it was about how there was a study that actually showed that older adults caused more accidents than teenagers. The list goes on really, it may not seem like much, I don't get it myself but I've freaking noticed the attitudes especially in the media. There's a percieved stereotype about us that is simply a load of bollocks and I think people need to realize that we're not all knife wield chavs and rednecks.

    We get bugger all representation in politics too and it's actually pretty hillarious how much politicians ignore us. The only time they've even though about us as human beings is in the case of the recession where we've been unable to get any sodding jobs and they've realized they'll be screwed without a qualified workforce that's willing to work for minimum wage.

    And I hope that wasn't a troll post otherwise this will be wasted on you lmao.
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  3. Well geez... haven't older generations been demonizing teenagers through the ages? Remember when rock and roll was banned from the airwaves as "the Devil's music"?

    The younger generation ALWAYS claims, "the older generation doesn't understand us"... the older generation always says, "worthless punks". None of that has changed.

    As for who are better drivers.. oldsters or teenagers? Check with the insurance industry.. they'll have the facts.

    If you want to know my observation about the difference between teens today and in my day...

    1. Teens today have MUCH handed to them... too much, in many cases, so that they feel "entitled" to much. And, they presume they don't have to prepare themselves to compete for a well paying job when they become adults... and so, they don't. (Even the education system had been dumbed down to "touchy-feely... everybody's a winner... nobody's a loser". WHAT A CROCK! As soon as kids get out of school they find out that "WINNERS WIN THE GOOD JOBS and others get to fight over what's left"... geez, too bad the education system didn't tell them that years earlier.)

    2. In my day, young people tried to distinguish themselves by accomplishing something.... better grades? Better college? Not that some don't do that today... it just less so now.

    Today's young people still want to distinguish themselves, as do all young generations.... but many of today's kids opt for "tats and piercings" to stand out... rather than to do so by what they accomplish. (Many years ago I visited my junior high school and talked to a few of my old teachers... One comment I remember was something like, "In your day kids worked... wanted to get good grades... today, teaching is more like being a prison warden"..)

    The ambitious and hard workers in today's younger generation really have an advantage. There are a smaller percentage of them who wish to and are willing to work to excel. These young people will be tomorrow's leaders... and the competition is thin... much thinner than in my day, as I perceive.
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    The only thing I agree with you on is your last two lines. It probably will be easier for those with the will to get up to the top if they're willing to work hard and I certainly hope to be one of them by going into commodity trading.

    We've got fuck all handed to us, you're only given that illusion by the government. The education system largely is a pile of garbage, the only people who get rewarded by it are the ones who are willing to follow through with the system to the latter. Smart people who have opinions of their own? Forget it. People who simply want to work using real skill sets and not just computers? Forget that too. Even the subjects they claim to supporting like I.T are having to face entire industries bitching at them because the education system refuse to teach real computer skills to them.

    Yes, teenagers seek to distinguish themselves through other means beyond the education system. That is simply the only path they can see to get out of the situation they are in, me? I'm different, I knew there was something wrong to begin with the moment teachers were never on the side of students to begin with when they wanted to learn something even if it may not be the subjects they were teaching. I wish it were different myself, I know a couple of people from my Games Design class who have had the same thoughts and questions and they've gone on to just get jobs.

    The point is the baseless stereotypes just aren't going to help. For one thing young people in America are starting to wake up big time thanks to Ron Paul because he's actually out there talking to them instead of pretending they don't exist which is why I think he's a worthwhile politician too.

    I think I've been turned full on Libertarian by my experiences and also from my own personal research into the economy and education system. Yes teenagers get demonized in every era, but why the fuck should that keep happening? Why the hell is it that the most healthy and open minded have to sit in a bloody classroom all day memorizing largely false facts and dates almost akin to blatant propaganda in some cases instead of going out there and learning real skills that society would actually value?

    No I don't feel I should be entitled to anything myself, again, another false stereotype. In fact if I ever get involved in politics, considering my ambitions I probably will be. I would make it either so the education system was abolished or that it was completely optional for a child to recieve an education. There are many other paths people can take in life at a young age beyond sitting in a classroom and being bored and I'll be damned if I'm going to let the cycle keep repeating itself for centuries and centuries.
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  5. You don't realize the Boomers are getting hosed here too? The only generation who "made out" on our great social experiment is the one before the Boomers... The Boomers are EXPECTING much in the way of Social Security and Medicare, but they're going to be sorely disappointed... thanks to demographics, globalization, and the fact THE GOVERNMENT STOLE THE SOCIAL SECURITY TRUST FUND... the Boomers are getting the short end of the stick too.

    As for education... what gets rewarded most? What gets tested for primarily by the SATs... Math and English. You want to get ahead? Make your best efforts in Math and English... you'll leave your peers in the dust and have first pick of the good schools and jobs. (You don't always get what you want in high school... I know I didn't enjoy HS all that much... but that didn't stop me "getting what I could out of it"... math, science, sports... then all the other crap I was forced to take.)

    What you have perceived as "the Boomers hosing up your life" is not the case at all... it's been the GOVERNMENT ALL ALONG... JUST AS IT IS NOW.
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  6. Well you didn't do very well on stopping that legislation did you?

    This law passed in march 2009 essentially gives the Government the right to draft, but by another name. You were probably too busy playing your Xbox to notice. No need to rush out to your local Selective Service Center to register for the draft though, YOU'RE ALREADY ON IT !!
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    I don't play consoles, they're crap now.

    Take note of there careful wording, I don't think you read it carefully enough. The majority of the time they say 'encourage' also for one thing I'm in the UK so this legislation doesn't affect me. As far as I see it their system is completely flawed and not going to work.

    Also, I want to point something out here, this won't be enforced, not only is it completely unconstitutional but also the nation is completely bankrupt and it is going to feel the pain. When? Who knows, but they can't afford to force programs out like this, especially with the kind of political backlash it would cause. So I don't need to do anything, I can just sit and sneer at the politicians who think that just because they happen to write something on a piece of paper no matter how moronic or arrogant it is they think it can become enforceable law.

    Oh and don't get me started about how utterly incomptent they are at doing anything? You actually think they'll be able to enforce this? Don't make me laugh.

    By the way I never said that the people enjoying the education system were the problem, the government is the problem. The people enjoying it and defending it however are largely going to be the ones who followed through on the system and ended up getting the free ride when it happened to work right.
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  8. People over 35 in general think "things were better in my day". As they get older they get more conservative, they think the next generation of youngsters are less disciplined, lazier, and generally worse-behaving than when they were that age. They also think the music they grew up with was better.

    The fact that they moaned about their own parents doing exactly the same thing 20 years ago when they were young seems not to cross their minds for some reason, nor does the fact that every single generation starts whining like this once they get half way through their lives. Today's 25 year old wild & crazy rebel is tomorrow's 50 year old killjoy reactionary.
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    I am amazed at what gets blamed on the baby boomers.

    Do not forget that we are all individuals. We do not think with one mind. Some of us have not supported any of this--the welfare state, the military state, the wars, the friendship with Israel, the overspending, the encouragment of granting loans to people who can't pay them back, encroachment on our freedoms, etc.

    So, stop painting us all with a broad brush. I probably agree with you on a lot of stuff--and I'm not the only middle aged person who thinks this way. And FWIW, I actually like teenagers.

    If you want to bag on those who malign all young people, that is fine, but at least refrain from behaving the same way yourself. You have more credibility if you try to be a little better than the people you are criticizing.
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  10. they think the next generation of youngsters are less disciplined, lazier, and generally worse-behaving than when they were that age.

    This younger generation is whack. A bunch of docile girly men. Kindly smoke somewhere else and they do. Drinking bottled water, not beer. Stay home and play video games and meet girls on line, they don't date or take girls out on dates, plenty of them don't drive. They have to wear rubber gloves to take out the garbage. They need ten day prescriptions for pain when they have a tooth ache. They talk on the phones and clean their snow white sneakers with a toothbrush. They cry and call out for mommy and have no idea what it means to open a door for a girl.

    The list goes on .......I'd say they this generation of men (ha)behave pretty well.
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