first generation in US history not to surpass their parents income

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  1. This is a great example why many oldies are dummies. They care how people look. They really cared before the 60's and the civil rights movement. Then they didn't complain about the black clothes, instead it was something you couldn't change.

    Don't trust people over 30.. they are liars and cheats who will swindle the wealth of future generations for personal gain.
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    Me as well.

    I still know most folks are `tards. Yesterday I was setting up my new HDTV (first one ever) and had Jerry Springer on for a couple minutes.
    My jaw dropped. I thought most sitcoms were unwatchable, but they're practically deep quantum/string theory physics research papers compared to daytime television.
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  3. What's wrong with them? This is:

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    They listen to their degenerated emo garbage and end up wanting to kill themselves. What ever happened to punk, metal and rock? It's quite sad.
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  4. I lol'd.
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  5. To those that are critical of today's youth:

    The youth today are a mere product of the environment that was created by their parents and prior generations.

    It's easy to beat up on them in lieu of facing your own shortcomings and irresponsible stewardship of our society. I'm sure it helps alleviate any guilt.
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    Well, at least we all agree there is a problem. Should make sending them off to the next war that much easier, I suppose...
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  7. You're a smart guy, yet so blinkered on this topic..
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    I think I'll point out that the older generation are shit scared of young people which is why you'll never see the voting age reduced to 16 or lower and you won't see people that young ever elected into office. The majority of the time I think old people malign us because of how open minded we are or how our ideas are so different. To hell with conforming to society and being a 'citizen' when the people demanding so are so blind they can't even see the problems that are right in their faces.

    Oh and fyi to the retards thinking they can bully around young people and send them to war. If legislation or laws ever got pushed in the country I lived in to have conscription of any kind I would be one of the first to fight against it through any means.
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  9. I'm one of the "old people".. and maybe I'm out of touch. But I've NEVER seen nor heard other old people "maligning" younger generations... not even once. What do you feel maligned about?

    And "we demand [conforming?] to society and can't see the problems right in front of our faces?" What does that mean??
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  10. I'm Gen X, what do you expect?

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