first generation in US history not to surpass their parents income

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    What do you expect when money goes to

    Wars in middle east
    Bailout for Goldman Sachs and other elite banks
    Countless black project military programs.

    And what do you get as a citizen.


    and surveillance without any real justification

    Need I go on
  3. None of those wars have anything to do with how much an employer pays an employee here. Wars generally make peoples income go up anyway. Our income is not passing our parents because the US is finally starting to get in line with wages paid to the rest of the world now that the world is globalizing.

    The US also gives alot of money to other countries. Why did you single out Israel? Why dont you mention Egypt (a 90% muslim country) that gets almost as much as Israel? Egypt gets about 2 billion dollars per year. And anyway...Israel only gets between 2.5 to 3 billion per year, so out of a 2.2 trillion dollar budget, 3 billion is a drop in the bucket yet you really felt the need to push your agenda to get some more people to join your anti-Israel group by singling them out. You dont mention the countless middle eastern countries that the US gives half a billion too every year, like Jordan, Pakistan and even the west Bank gets a few hundred million per year from us. Next time you rant why dont you complain about the US giving THOSE countries money.
  4. I almost stopped reading a few times, just because he got sidetracked on a few issues, and turned gray areas into black and white. I'd say one major difference between younger and older generations is their honesty. When younger folks tell you something's bad, it's usually bad and when they say it's good, usually it is. Now look at corporate execs and news coming from government, typically older crowd. They're never honest, and people their same age don't seem to care and do nothing about it, just conform to try and get ahead(as done in large corporations). Youth doesn't do that. Younger generations don't tend to care for liars and people who sugarcoat, I feel that's a major discontinuity.
  5. Obviously you're a young person. The condition you're describing is commonly known as idealism. Don't worry as you mature and gain wisdom it is extremely likely that it will go away on it's own.
  6. Idealistic how? So it's not a legitimate argument to make then. Well, been working great so far the majority of your generation hey? Not like you guys drove the economy into the ditch or anything.
  7. both my parents have no college degree and are executives making over 200k..

    lets just hope for massive hyperinflation

  8. I see you're fond of making wide sweeping generalizations. Oh the drama.

    Let's just say for every young person who is a straight shooter there is a gang banger wannabe. Likewise for every boomer who screwed up there is a 30 year old who bought a house they couldn't afford.

    As for my generation, I doubt the majority have many regrets but I could care less about the others. Personally I've done extremely well. Better than anyone in my family before me.

    As for your arguement, no it's not legitimate. Young people always think old people are stupid. I used to think that myself until I grew up. You'll change in time.
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    I remember reading everywhere that my generation would be the "first generation in US history not to surpass their parents income" back when I was in High school in the 1990's...
  10. Seems like for every good kid, there are about 10 bad kids nowadays. Go to any mall and tell me how many teenagers you see that are not wearing baggy pants. You might see 1 the entire time you are in the mall. They all seem to dress the same...all in black, baggy clothes, sometimes a basketball jersey with some basketball players name on it (I never get teenage boys that do this...When i was in high school, the only people that wore someone elses jersey was the dudes these guys with they were michael jordans boyfriend or something?) And they always wear like a raiders cap or something like that.

    But even the good kids are looking like idiots nowadays with the way they grow their hair long and then comb it forward towards their face. Dont they know what big dorks they look like when they do that?
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