First foray in trading ES

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  1. I had to take my mind off watching the rest of my portfolio fall apart so I started day-trading the ES today. Been contemplating it for a while though.

    5 trades:


    Just a small pain ease though.

    It seems there is a concerted effort to short the S&P futures - Islamic fundamentalists perhaps? Terrorism?
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    post pics
  3. Here ya go:
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    u still left your account number in bro lol
  5. Thanks
  6. Here it is:
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    Good job.
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    Congrats on joining the world of futures traders ... looks like you're off to a good start!
  9. I think I got lucky by not trying to manage 'mean reversion' during the last 30 minutes (300pt dow selloff). I'm going to continue with it next week, and I KNOW I will have to accept losing trades (and not letting a small loser turn into a big one). I think I am aiming for small profits on the winners, a little larger losses on the losers, but a high win percentage.

    Perhaps 75% win 1.75
    and 25% lose 3.25

    (though I'm sure I'll have -20 loser lol)

    Time will tell.

    Any comments appreciated.
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    Mean reversion, as far as I know, is a counter-trend strategy .... those have's been dangerous to me since that's trying to pick tops and bottoms. Been burned too many times doing that.

    I'm a trend trader, but when the price 'reverts' or retraces to a set point, I may re-enter a trend trade rather than reverse the current trend to ride a short intra-trend movement.

    Just my 2 cents. :)
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