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  1. My first day started and ended up as expected, a lot of confusions mistakes because of the new systems.

    NKE $100
    Bought this stock at 9:45 when RLX was shooting up, for some reason the stock didn't want to move. Made 10c and got out at $53.20. Got back in again at 50c, when a big bid showed up and the stock went up as high as 85c. I had a 50c stop in and when I went to change it the order entry system froze and I watched my $150 profit disappeared in a matter of few prints. What made it worse was I thought that my order was dead because of the malfunction and I sold market to get out of the position, when I finally rebooted my order entry, I got filled on my stop too. So I had a short sale violation. The rule here is that for every violation, you will be fined $150. Yikes, what a good way to start out the day. Bought it again at 45c and rode it for a 35c profit, should have hung on because the stock went up as high as $53.50. oh well.

    BKS -$27
    Bought this at 12p.m when RLX is going up a little bit, got filled at 64c and the stock went up as high as 85c, and the the bid disappeared, put in my stop at 63c, and got printed at 54c. What a criminal this guy is. Bought it again at 3 p.m and made some of my money back.

    Nothing was going on in the afternoon, bought some APA, DO and REI. Lost commission on DO and REI and made $10 on APA lol.
    REI eventually went up 30c from where I sold it, I knew this stock is going to move slowly and somehow I got impatient and got out with 1c loss??

    Ended the day up $50. But after the fine I am probably going to be down $100. I put in a request for rebate, since this is my first time and all, but chances are very slim if I am going to get anything back.

    I am glad to get all the butterflies out of the way, I did my layout again one final time, and it should work better now that I know what to look for. I should be able to make more money tomorrow. I want to get some real time filters. The first alert that we have is not generating much signals if any, maybe it was a slow day today. But hopefully we can get a smaller filter that is going to work better than the clunky thing that we have now.

    The legal team is looking into the "thing" and we should have an answer back in the next few days.
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    Hey STOCKKBROKER, interesting chart on NKE, I was thinking about it but dumped it in the end could not make up my mind!! You should place your stops mentally in your head & monitor them as they’re nearing closeout, also MM can see where all the stops are & they will shake you out! As for the after noon hoooooo there’s no way I trade after lunch speaking from experience I can't find much that works I am really light until maybe closing bell pick up a position for the next day... You should check out, they have free picks I follow most days, refreshing to see what others are thinking.:cool:
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    Would you mind mentioning your brokers name or the software that froze up on you? Maybe get that ironed out before any more trades.

    I know that feeling, point mouse, click and nothing happens.
  4. Ron STOCKBROKER is with WorldCO.

    Hey QUe your link doesn't work. Mind reposting it?

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    I'm not QUE but his link is OK, just get rid of the comma at the
    end of ".com,".

    By the way,rtharp, now that I have your attention, I read somewhere that you had taken a speed reading course.
    Was it useful? Is there any that you can recommend to me?

    Email me at if you like.

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    I like the way you explain your trades. Easy to understand. Look forward to reading your posts.
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    I talked with boss last night, he basically said he has dealt with so many situations like this before, if he can't handle the case for you guys he will pay for it. Do not be afraid, focus your attention on the market.


    I send you a private message before, can you send me an e-mail?
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  9. Missed the entire open due to some software issues. DID not trade at all, even though I had some great call MON, PX, WFT, EOG. I can get all these stocks at a discount and yet. OH well!!!

    Finally got AT today, the software that I know and familiar with, spend the whole afternoon setting up my workstation again. But this time everything looks familiar and I should be doing much, much, much better tomorrow.

    Did 2 trades the entire day,

    CRA -$31
    The entire BTK was ripping at 3:30, and for some reason the stock just didn't want to move. Bought it at $28.14 and sold it at 10c.

    YRK $59
    A 50c gap late in the day, got in at $38.76, the spec. printed 76c for like 5-6 minutes. Usually not a good sign, since he is shorting the crap out of this stock, but being it was late in the day, he couldn't do much tricks and had to let the stock go. I got out at 90c, close to the last print.

    Ended up the day with $27 profit. lol. Chicken feed, but I am glad I finally got AT and I will make some real money tomorrow.

    We have to go see some lawyer next door regarding the thing, will keep you guys posted.
  10. This is going to end in tears mate.

    Take my advice sit back and wait for a high profit to loss trade, set you target stop and trailing stop before entering a trade, if it doesn't go your way walk away and regain yourself.

    I did what you are doing for about 6 weeks and I was making steady small gains until slipped up.
    Because your profit is so small it wipes your weeks work out if you make a mistake, in turn this has a devastating psychological affect and you mind deteriorates causing you to lose you shirt.

    Please you might think what do I know, but believe me I know.:(
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