First day!Wahoo!

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  1. I'm going to try and keep a journal in here of what I have been doing. In part for the entertainment of people reading, but mostly because I have a hard time keeping a paper record or file somewhere without losing track of it.

    So for 2-5-09

    I placed an order on AKS for 100 shares at the market open. I purchased the shares for $8.53.

    Half way through the day I started to really watch the progress of the stock and it was around $8.90 a share. So I continued to watch it bounce up and down minute by minute. I placed a stop loss at $8.87. Then watched the stock rise above $9.00, then up to $9.07 so I moved my stop up to $9.02

    After a few more minutes it turned and went back down to the $8.86 range. But I had placed my stop loss and managed to make about 5.7% on my money today.

    Not bad for a first day :)
  2. ATLien


    Congrats. Good luck and have fun :)
  3. This is not about fun! This is serious business lol jk

    Just wish I had more money to play with :(

    I'm starting with $1,000 So I'm taking it pretty much 1 or 2 trades at a time. Thank goodness stocks have taken such a plunge, I had a hard time finding stocks last year that were in my price range. All the cheap stocks I knew nothing about, now there are a lot of stocks I would love to hold long term. However, being unemployed the lure of day trading seems much more exciting and profitable.