First CNBC, Now Beat The Street

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  1. Another Stock Picking Game in Trouble

    "Cheating on the part of contestants has forced to cancel the first round of its popular game, Beat the Street, due to possible cheating. The game offered a $100,000 prize. This is the second heavily marketed game that has run into trouble with cheating. Recall that CNBC's contest, which offers a $1 million prize, has also drawn controversy over charges that some contestants effectively traded after hours based on same-day results. CNBC has hired outside investigators to look into the problem. It's unclear exactly what is at issue with TheStreet's game. It's kind of a sad commentary on the willingness of rank and file investors to bend the rules, if that is what happened. Ethical lapses are not limited to the Enrons of the world." - from Fierce Finance

    Cheating Leads to Cancel an Investing Contest

    Press Release:
  2. lets be honest, if they were real trading contests then you would be able to go in and out any time of day and get the price that you sold or bought at, that closing price thing is a joke and cnbc doesn't keep a good track of the trades and price
  3. Funny I'm surprised they are closing down these simulated markets / trading events to me it mimics real like to the T