First Baby Boomer Asks for Social Security Benefits

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  1. You're right.Government can solve all the problems!
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    Well, that wasn't exactly my message, but whatever.
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    Who went to school for free????

    There is no such thing as a free education....
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  4. Exactly. The terms 'free education' and 'free healthcare' should be banned; bc they do not exist and are misleading to the avg idiot who votes for politicians
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  5. Really? Ask the single mother on welfare living in public housing with 3 kids in high school. The old couple living alone in their own home pay property taxes to pay for the single mothers kids. The old couple do not get any benefit from paying property taxes, however, for the single mother, education is free for the family. Otoh, when these kids join the workforce and pay SS, they don't get any benefits, the benefit goes to the old couple.

    And yes, there is such a thing as free education. Ask your secretary of state.
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    Though i sent him a few bucks because his message is important, I disagree strongly with his position on social security. He wants to keep it for those already invested in the system but move to private accounts for younger people (who already have this option as a supplemental). That is a super major, mistake. Of all the people who should correctly understand the social security system, i thought Ron Paul would. But either he doesn't, or he is so hardened in his libertarian views that he can not see the forest for the trees. I will say this for him though, he is consistent with very few exceptions, abortion being one of the issues where he is inconsistent. On that issue he breaks from his stance on individual rights and self determination. He would argue that life begins at conception and therefore a woman has no right to an abortion because she would be harming "someone else." The fallacy of this argument is obvious. Though life begins at conception, human life does not. The idea that a fertilized egg is a human being is an illogical religious belief that is not supported by facts. If it is just life that we want to protect, and not human life, than we should not be stepping on cockroaches. A fertilized egg is not a human being.
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