first annual MARKETSURFERfest NYC

Discussion in 'Trading' started by marketsurfer, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. taking the lead from our esteemed member, praetorian2, i would like to organize a small gathering of elite members, traders, and philosophers of all stripes at the soho grande in manhattan on monday august 18th, 8 pm . if you have any interest in attending, let me know ! hope to see everyone there.


    surfer dave
  2. party is a go. hope to see you there !

    rock on,

  3. surf,

    You have motivated me!! Maybe I could see if anyone would like a west coast version of this say the Fairmont Bar in San Francisco some date (after I sit for my S7 I want to party....LOL) in early September.....I'd be at your show Surf if I was in the Big Apple, but it's a little to far for me..

    Anyone interested in a west coast version of Surf's get together?
    I'll organize it and even see if I can get a small room reserved or something...just want to see if anyone would be willing to show up?

    rttrader -
  4. thanks to everyone who attended the first annual marketsurferfest in NYC. sorry i had to split early, next event will be bigger and better !!

    enjoy !