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    Has anyone heard of this company? I am getting calls telling me I made inquiries a year ago and they are just calling me now. They say they are a Panamanian company but their fax numbers are in Costa Rica. Sounds like a company I heard from before trying to sell me options or something...

    How do you tell if a company like this is legitimate? Is there a master list or something that can be used somewhere on the net?

  2. Wow!!!

    I have never seen such an obvious Ponzi Scheme before!

    Stay away, stay far far away!!
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    Who and or what is "cowboy"? This looks like paid political advertisement...
  4. It is very good that an opinion that is unfounded and has no truth to it is given any credence. For the last 8 months I have seen my account grow from $20,000 to over $100,000 and brought some of that back home with no problems. You can think it is a Ponzi scheme all you want too Plastic Man but your name speaks for it self. The markets don’t always work they way we would like them to but if you think any one that has had a good experience with any firm is a paid political advertisement then why ask a question when the only answer that you’ll accept is that they’re no good and stay far, far away.
    Obviously if you can’t afford to play don’t go to the table. Being offshore has a lot of advantages and not every company is bad. No matter what you say about what I have wrote it won’t change the fact that they have done what they said they would and I can’t ask for more. Remember this is a fact not an opinion!!!!!

  5. This is a SCAM ! A relative of mine lost a lot of money !!
  6. If any one lost money it was from the markets not the company and there are plenty of firms in Canada that have clients that have lost big time not only in the commodities markets but also in the stock markets. The only scam is what you want people to believe. I have never had a problem getting through to this company and having any money that I wanted sent home sent in a timely fashion. As for scams you certainly can find a lot of them in your own back yard. For the last 8 months I have had no problems with this company. If they’re a scam then why are they trying to things the right way???

  7. No,no, not from the markets, they simply didn't return his money when he requested so.
    Since it was a very high amount, those scammers probably use his money to pay out YOU , get it ? > PONZI
  8. No,no, not from the markets, they simply didn't return his money when he requested so.
    Since it was a very high amount, those scammers probably use his money to pay out YOU , get it ? > PONZI

    No, No, No I understand Ponzi schemes and I understand some one who has an ax to grind. You have the ax so grind away and unless you’re the one who actually invested then you can make up all kinds of things. If they where so bad to all the other investors I sure that there would be more people that would come forward and tell how their money was use to pay me back. I am happy that I have had a good relationship with this firm. But you have had no relationship with this firm and you want me to say that you’re right. If they are screwing so many people as you would want me and everyone else to believe then why are these people not posting their stories all over the net???
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    Wow!!! Silverhair is the same guy(gal?) defending another firm back in 2006 (I just clicked on his posts) called Wellington Trading Group. Apparently, he claims that he had an account with them too... lol. Wellington went out of business in Costa Rica and was found to be unregistered as well.

    I am guessing that First Alliance has no registration either in Costa Rica as a financial entity of any sort. Since they have a Costa Rica address registered to their site, that is an interesting question. It seems the new fad is to be a Panamanian company but do business in Costa Rica. Once again, just guessing...

    C'mon Silverhair, you're on the payroll, right?
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