First Alert Software Address?????

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by NDQnCA, Jul 30, 2002.

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    hey- i trade for bright trading and i am trying to find the web address for the first alert software that is used in their offices so that i can download a copy to use at home- yes, i have tried to do some web searches and even called the main office of bright, but no luck. just would be nice to know for tonight so that i can look my charts. yeeeehhhhhaaaaaaawwwwww!!!! :D
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    thanks pac.....wweeessttttsssidddeeee.:D
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    hey- anyone know how to download the software from the neovest web site????
  4. Does Bright give you any support?

    I would figure they would help you out on this...

    Don! Don! You have a trader in need, WHERE ARE YOU????
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    yeah, buddy, nice try to bust some balls on bright to make yourself look better :D :D I'm sure you are on top of everything and when someone needs a prompt answer from you then you get right back to them, don't you??
    anyways, just trying to figure it out over the weekend on my own-so i can download the software for my home computer- but the neovest website doesn't seem to offer a download option- i'm sure i can get some help on monday at the office or through tech support....really not that big of a deal.......
    personally, i am sick of this my firm is better than yours shit that goes on between firm owners on these boards- i know you are trying to promote your respective firms, but cut out all the smoke and mirrors all comes down to what the best firm is for your respective situation (and who has the cheapest rates.etc) let the traders decide- it all comes down to what firm allows us to keep the most of what we bust our asses to make.....
  6. Relax dude, it was all in good fun...

    Before you go off and pull a Mark Burton just know a couple of things...

    I am not a partner or employee of ECHO.

    I could care less in the pissing contest of either firm. It will not affect my bottom dollar.

    If I make a quick remark, check for yourself, Don has about 1900 more posts than I do, some (or many) of which are "quick remarks" and his feelings are not hurt because of my earlier posts in any forum.

    I respect the fact you wanted to find something out before Monday, I do not believe my post hindered that. If you would like, I will PM Cash (the remote manager for Bright) and ask him to answer your questions for you.

    Good Luck, I hope you got your problem solved!

    PS Don, on a private note, I am so, so, so sorry if any of my posts offended you in any way. Please feel free to call me and I will do all I can to make you understand that it was all in good fun and not to take a public board with a bunch of BS flying around seriously. (hehehehe)
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  8. I WISH I WAS A PARTNER! If I was I would certainly have 2000+ posts, certainly not 100 or so since August 2001.

    Nope, I am a simple co-manager/trader in San Diego with Rtharp (a wonderful addition to this board for many years).

    The reason I have ECHO under my name on the board is because Rtharp emailed Baron and asked that it be put there so guys could be free in asking me questions about echotrade.

    If you think I was trying to "get one past you" then you are wrong. I guess I could have signed on with some fake alias and posted stupid posts on the board....but NO WAY....I sign on with my real name so I can place stupid posts on this board.

    Take a Valium and relax, this is a message board.

    Please put me on your ignore list, apparently you are limited in understanding my sense of humor. I apologize for the Mark Barton remark, it really was in horrible taste, and I am dead serious about that.
  9. I seem to be owed a check.

    I looked in my operating agreement regarding Class B members and it states I am clearly not a partner of ECHotrade, but someone here seems to believe so...TAKE ACTION TODAY AND DEMAND THAT ECHOTRADE PAY RTHARP AND I PARTNERSHIP DIVIDENDS!!!!!!

    Pssst....I heard a rumor that Don gets paid by the post, wish I had that deal!

    Don will you confirm or deny that rumor? Baron may have a prize for the first to 3000....Don, I hit 101 posts today and it only took me 11 months!

    (For the benefit of NDQnCA I have to state the following legal discaimer "The above post is a parody, joke, jest, witticism, quip, sally, crack, wisecrack, and gag)
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