First Alert/Neovest Replacement Platform

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Willbel, Jun 30, 2010.

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    I have been using First Alert from Neovest Inc. (owned by JP Morgan) for years. If you are a user you know that this past Monday morning, June 28, 2010 you discovered that First Alert could not bring in many indexes (DJI, DJT, DJU, S&P 500 and its futures, etc) rendering the platform pretty much useless. Evidently Neovest Inc. made a server change over the weekend that caused the problem, but they are not going to fix it. Instead, they say move over to their other platform, called "Neovest". No heads up, just your platform is now not going to be working anymore!

    I have been using Neovest now the past three days, while trying to set it up how I want it, and trying to learn how to operate the new-to-me platform. Naturally, during this process my trading has been affected, productivity down the tubes (thanks Neovest Inc.). While it has pretty much the functionality of the First Alert program, it is slower to navigate - more keystrokes, less hotkeys - within the platform.

    Therefore, I have begun a search for a new stock trading platform as a possible replacement and hope to do some trials soon.

    If you are a First Alert/Neovest user and have any insight into what platform would be a good replacement, I would appreciate your input.

    If any other platform users would like to give me some guidance, it would be appreciated.

    I trade primarily stocks, but keep my eye on futures, options, bonds, currencies, and some commodities as market movers. I'm looking for a strong charting platform with the normal assortment of technical indicators and tick, minute, daily parameters, plenty of historical stock data (years for daily data), filters, news link, easily read quotewatch page, Level II, ability to create about 60 page layouts, store them and view them easily via hotkeys or cycle through. A good order entry would be nice, but this can be an add-on from another source.

    So far in my research, I am considering the following: Quote Center by Reuters, Amibroker, Ensign, Multicharts, SierraCharts.

    Any suggestions, for a platform would be apprecated, as well as for a data provider (as bad data can render any platform useless). Thank you.