first :30 minutes-trade AGs?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by increasenow, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. when 10:30am EST ag trading opens up...first :30 minutes trading corn, soybeans, wheat?..anyone do it?...what is your approach?
  2. 1) Be sure your platform is in "sim" mode, not "live" mode!
    2) You should be able to trade/treat the grains no differently than any other market. :cool:
  3. nah, not is my take why it is different to trade grains at their uniques time opening...

    1-other US markets have been open forever...RTH been for 1 hour or so
    2-grains end at 2:15pm, their trading time is very limited...

  4. 1) You're overthinking and undertrading.
    2) Financial markets can involve longer trading hours.......if you want to trade for 10-to-15 hours per day.
    3) With the pit-session hours for grains and some of the other "traditional" ag-related markets, you have to act more quickly and decisively. The minutes are more "valuable and finite". :cool:
  5. you know, I think you are right on!!...please, do you trade this time of the grain market? it?
  6. smalls


    I trade it.