Firms with Trading Models

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by dotslashfuture, Jul 19, 2002.

  1. I have heard talk of some firms having a "trading model" and I'm not talking about hot babes in the office. Some firms seem to take a direct interest in how their traders trade. Anybody know about that? Specifically i'm curious about worldco since I just found out that they have an office about 10 minutes away.
  2. If there is a Worldco model, no one ever let me in on it. Many traders, many styles. Some trade off of big bids stepping up in price / offers stepping down. Some fade gaps. Some just rake it in and I have no clue how. They give you First Alert, though, so if you have an idea, you can make your own filters.

    I would not get your hopes up about being given a very specific proprietary model / system by any prop firm. fwiw imho
  3. gotcha. I am not really a novice so I already have some ideas of my own. Do they discourage you from swing trading? What about options trading ?
  4. No overnights, no options or futures. If you either made several thousand or came in with a large cash deposit, they would probably negotiate on the overnights.
  5. Schonfeld has the closest thing to a model besides Don's opening gimmick that I know of.
  6. We have groups of traders who are "backed" by individuals who teach their method only so they can cover more of the market. These things work, when a trader or two backs a dozen guys, shows them what they want done, monitor each other's trades and all the rest.

    To attempt something like this on a larger scale would prove counter-productive, since you cannot watch enough people while still trading (no one is going to give up their "edge" to someone else).

  7. Thanks Thug. Did you have to put up a cash deposit ?