firms with 100% payout and 0.002/share commis?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by econometrics, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. any firms that:

    100% payout
    0.002/share commission
    rebateable software fee
    no funny accounting and cashflow issues

  2. couscousk


    you don't even want to consider a payout split with smaller commission?

    if you're doing big volume, it might be better with less comm.

    i.e. monthly: 10k gross profit w/ 2,000,000 volume
    100% payout / 0.002 comm. = 10k - (2M*0.002) = 6k net

    75% payout / 0.00025 comm. = (75%*10k) - (2M*0.00025) = 7k net

    so depending on your volume, a bunch of firms with payout split could be interesting for you...
  3. you must do some pretty big vol to get that

  4. I can consider PL split for something close to 0.0002 commission, but a split of about 80-85%. 75% take for risking my own cash seems too low.
  5. bigpapi


    I spoke with echo some time ago and they offered something like this, don't recall the exact numbers but Im sure people here that have traded for them can tell you more.
  6. gkotopou


    Cou, im curious which firm(s) offers .0002 with profit split ??
  7. if you are willing to split 65%-75%, most of the canadian firms offer 0.0002. WTS offered me 0.00015 for a 75% split, but still I wanted more than 80% as long as my cash is at risk.
  8. gkotopou


    Thanks for the heads up, is this a reputable firm in your opinion? I am interested because I want to increase my volume intraday but paying .005 plus ecn's- unsuitable for me.
  9. i'm going to throw gasoline on this fire, seems to be dying out.

    does anyone on this board understand how WTS actually "offers" this payout, the logistics behind it, because no one, and mean NO ONE among the prop brokers claims to offer 10% the average prop commission costs that WTS does while offering "unlimited leverage".

    there is a reason for that. does anyone know what that is? i do.

    they call their pitch their "dog and pony show", and when you see it, it's exactly that. decent people running a forward-thinking business model, but highly suspected by the majority of traders, and highly disrespected by their competition. why? in my experience, it wasn't until after i read the fine print and asked the hard questions did i really see how it's done. and i will go on record to say, because WTS knows who i am and the due diligence i've done on them.

    needless to say, i decided not to proceed.

    and i will say that during my due diligence period, not a single trader, broker, or anyone connected to trading, prop or otherwise, has said one positive remark about WTS. laughing is the most common response. a bait and switch is the other.

    so why in god's name would i take that risk, regardless of what i'm trying to be convinced of otherwise to sign a contract? someone explain this to me like i'm 5. i won't mind.
    i'm not judging. just reporting my experience as it occured. take it at face value; make your own decisions.

    but what i really want to know is why the canadian props on here aren't disclosing how they are legally structured, the compliance requirements, and their real commission and leverage structures, and why many brokers claim the canadian operations operate completely outside sec and finra regulations in the usa.

    who are the prime brokers?

    it is my understanding that prop trading requires a 7, and otherwise with a CBNX firm, a one-year lockup of initial capital contribution to the LLC as a Class C Member below the founders and managing members of the branch office you were signed.

    talk about a dark pool...