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    Besides First New York and Schonfeld, are there any other good firms that offer backing/a profit-split for traders with a track record?
  2. Finchy,

    Are you saying you don't want to put any money up as a "risk deposit"?

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    Correct. Firm takes market risk in exchange for percentage of the profits plus whatever commish markup they decide on.
  4. Numerous firms will take $10k to start, some even $5k. If you have a successful track record shouldn't you have that? I don't think many firms are just going to start letting you trade with out money up.

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    Unfortunately, your papertrading history doesn't mean much, you're gonna have to dig up 5k from somewhere. Sorry to be the one who breaks it to you. :(
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    First New York Securities
    Trillium Trading
    T3 Trading
    SMB Capital
  7. is backing me although I do have a track record for the past year, starting me out very small at first and will see from there. It's very hard to find backing from firms in these economic times. Last year firms were asking me to trade with them fully backed, different times now.

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    Curious, but in regards to firms that provide capital/no deposits, what is considered a reasonable/average profit split between the firm and trader? I am sure that FNYS and Chimera are on different levels, ut what would one expect going in?

  10. things change all the time. I believe Chimera had some changes in payout splits etc
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