Firms in South Florida?

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    Considering a move from NYC to South Florida. Boca, Ft. Laud or Miami. I presently trade from home with a discount broker. looking for a good shop down there to hook up with.

    Any help will be very much appreciated.
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    nobody here from south florida with a good recco, got to be somebody.
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    Thanks cactus I'll look into them. very appreciated.
  4. Is Trillium Trading a successful group of traders? Does anybody know anyone there?
  5. Did you give them a look. I'm in south florida too; any info would be helpful.
  6. I'm originally a Florida resident I toke mid office job with an investment bank in PA 2 years ago and I'm am relocating back to Florida in June. and I will be trading with a prop firm, there are some good options out there now in S. Fla. here's a few:
    Trillium Trading
    Assent (several offices)
    Broad Street Trading
    First New York Securities **(Maybe the best on the street right now)
    Pro Trade Securities

    ...I'm personally leaning towards going with Pro Trade or Broad Street
  7. Assent has a place in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale as well>

    Great guys that are very good traders
  8. Assent has an office on south beach as well
    on Lincoln Rd.

    I work in the office ...PM me if you need more details
    we have some good traders in there..

    Same with FTL and boca...good traders in those offices as well
  9. Do you think a Canadian would have any chance with one of these firms (trading from their Florida offices) ?

    I am looking to move to Florida for personnal reasons but I am unfamiliar with working permits/status.

    I do have 3 year track record of trading derivatives
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