firms in San Diego/Orange/LA?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by 0008, Jun 3, 2006.

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    Any Prop stocks/Future firms in San Diego/Orange/LA?
  2. New Firm from Chicago.....iTrading has just opened a new office in LaJolla.

    They do concentrate on futures scalping, and black/grey box trading but they do also have a division that will offer Options and Stock and FX access to those that trade all products.

    The principals are all very success traders from one of the high quality shops in Chicago.

    These guys do not fuck around and only deal with professional traders, but from what one member has told me, a training/junior trader program will be set up this summer.

    SD is the best place in my book to trade outside of Tahoe.

    Trade well.

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    M&N Trading has an office in Newport Beach.
  4. SD is the best place to trade if you dont mind getting up at 3am to get ready to go to work..
  5. hello tradecobalt, i sent you a pm, but here is the message again:

    i was wondering if you have any more information about "iTrading" or contact information? are you trading there? i am in oceanside and would love to see if this firm is taking on more experienced traders. i have been on my own for a few years after moving out from Chicago and i only trade futures, eurex and cbot.