Firm for US equities that accepts EU-based traders

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by robert_cc, Feb 12, 2020 at 3:17 PM.

  1. robert_cc


    I am looking for a prop firm/arcade that supports trading US equities remotely. I am running automated strategies, and my current issue is the restriction on leverage as per Reg T that is forcing me to run well below optimal risk.

    This matter becomes a bit more complicated in that I am not a US citizen, and it would appear that legitimate US-based firms like T3 require one to either be a citizen or at least have a working permission.

    So, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for either a US-based firm that would have me (if those even exists) or a EU/UK-based one. So far, the latter category seems to be a bit of a wasteland compared to the ecosystem in the US. The only thing that I have found is RDT Group out of Poland, but I have been unable to find any independent reviews, which makes me a bit wary.
  2. qwertyjjj


    An actual prop firm probably doesn't do much remote work. There are these funded account companies but not sure how good they are. Their loss limits seem quite tight, eg top step trader
    US foreign tax investor rules might be an issue too. Surely you can trade us equities with a local prop firm?
  3. robert_cc


    The issue with places like Top Step is that they exclusively support futures (and sometimes FX), but not equities. Presumably that is due to the more capital intensive nature of trading equities, which makes offering them less attractive to companies like TS.

    I have been looking for local firms, but there are substantially fewer than in the US, and they mostly trade futures. The ecosystem also seems to be considerably less stable with even seemingly established firms disappearing with little warning.
  4. Robert Morse

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    Do you qualify for a Portfolio Margin account? Is 6.67X for Day trading enough leverage?

  5. robert_cc


    I do, but that is not quite enough. I need at least 10:1, or better 20:1. I am open to other options, but finding a firm appears to be the most realistic one.
  6. Robert Morse

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    IMO, I would look for an investor before looking for a prop firm where my money is first loss.

  7. robert_cc


    More capital would not really solve the issue of the leverage ratio though, would it? I would merely be trading larger positions at a still suboptimal risk level. CFDs might be an option, but that would require finding a legitimate broker and gaining professional status to work around the ESMA-mandated 5:1 restriction on leverage.
  8. minmike


    Describe your trading style. Are you spreading, scalping?
  9. robert_cc


    Intraday long/short momentum, focused on active symbols. Holding times can range from minutes to a few hours, occasionally until the close. Average is around an hour for a winning trade. The core problem is that there can be a large number of simultaneous positions especially during the morning where I require maximum leverage
  10. traider


    Is the strategy fully automated and coded? If so there are a couple of online platforms that will fund it if it meets their criteria. Do you have sharpe ratio over a long period of backtest?
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