firm a fake?

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  1. can anyone tell me if they have heard of this company? Name of the company is i n n o v a t i v e t r a d e r s from washington? I heard from another chat room that they were looking for traders

    thanks for any imput
  2. If I recall correctly, this is either a joke or a firm that asks for $$ from traders to point them to other firms...and still require traders to put up $25K before trading.

    Don't hold me to this, but I think it may have been the same name.

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    Stick w/ the reputable names.
    Heartland, Worldco, Momentum (dunno if they're hiring), Point Direx, and try getting backed through Echo or Bright. Both companies have traders looking to back people, no guarantee of course.
  4. thanks for the reply i thought they were fake or scam anyways.

    their web site is
  5. Hey, they are supposed to call me back this week with an offer, I spoke extensively with them last week. If it is an exceptional offer it is probably worth paying for...we will see. I have not had to put any money up so far. We just talked about what I was looking for.

    I will post back after speaking with them.
  6. I just posted the same question regarding the validity of this Co. They seem legit. They will hook you up with a firm that will give you more day trading power than the usual 4x. They will send you a "proposal"? illustrating their offer. Mine says $.01 per share on Island ,and similar on other ECN's. No capital holding costs. They found a BD to hang my licenses and give me Real Tick to trade from with 100% pay out. Yes, I have to come up with over 7k to put in but they said I'll get 12x day trading power. Sounds pretty appealing to me. They will charge you a consulting type fee up to 1k though. Tell me what you think.
  7. there's a sucker born every minute.
  8. No way you should pay for "consulting" fee for someone to find a place for you to trade...YOu out of your mind!!???? Do you now how many firms will take you in to trade...especially if you bring in your own capital???? Helll..Give me $500 and I'll hook you up at Wldc!
  9. well, I am still waiting for the official phone call/proposal. I am aiming at mostly option trading, (hedged short side) for majority of trades. it seems difficult to find a place that wants an options trader. and more difficult to get a firm to give you a formula that they will use to figure requirements for naked options. If they can find one without me doing all the leg work, it could be worth some cash. I am looking at ETG potentially and NT securities, nothing solid yet.

    why dont one of you established traders call innovative and see if they can get you a better deal? if they charge you $1k, but find you a deal that saves you that in commission over 2 weeks, it seems they could be worth thier salt, eh?

    then you could let us know how it turned out.

  10. Beer Man

    Beer Man

    advertises opportunities to manage funded accounts, but
    I get the feeling they only use this as a way to lure people in so they can try to rip them off on consulting or client bundling services. They seem unorganized and their intentions smell
    bad :mad: stale beer for innovative
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