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    After 6 years hiatus I'd like to start using my TS2000i software. It installed fine on Win XP Pro. I intend to use it EOD and several quote service options.

    My concern is that I don't know how to update the symbol universe. Can anyone guide me on that?

    Secondly, is there any forum still dedicated to TS2000i? I used to participate actively in the "omegagroup" list serve but it is long gone.

    Thanks much for any ideas.
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    Updating the symbol list in the Global Server is a matter of entering each symbol individually and filling in several items of info on a couple of pages... it is the most offputting thing about the whole TS2k experience.. I'm sure that MultiCharts is much easier to use...
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    thanks for the info.
    both are good news. somehow I had the impression omega list was gone.
  4. You don't need to use the GlobalServer to get data into TS 2000i. In fact, I disabled mine so that only TS opens. From there just use the "Create Chart Window" to access your data. Select "3rd Party Directory" radio dial and then "New Dir.." to associate the directory with your data to TS.

    It's a little bit of work to get all the directories setup but you only have to do it once. You will of course need to make sure the correct contract info is assigned to each symbol.

    Shay Campbell
    Commodity Charts
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    You can do that and get data into the Radarscreen?

    I had the On Demand Server from Multicharts before they were Multicharts.. it would live feed a chart but not the Radarscreen..
  6. a quik question pls

    is it possible to still find a copy of ts2ki somewhere?
    are there many differences in the el reserve words
    between ts2ki and the current ts version?

    am i correct to say ts2ki is good enough if one use it only to
    develop strategies as it could be running in ofline mode
    after data is imported?
  7. if so how much would it be worth incl license key,
    what amount could/should i think about ?
  8. Eight,

    I should have specified that I use EOD only. I don't know about live data?

    Shay Campbell
    Commodity Charts
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    If you buy a copy of TS2000 it won't ever work unless you get one that had the "good forever password".. Omega research did not allow the title to be transferred... the software would demand a password change every so often and you had to contact them to get a new password...

    I doubt a copy would cost very much considering what is available nowadays...

    I get a headache just discussing that software..

    Learn C# and get some software that scripts in that language, I taught myself C# with Ninjatrader and can make an indicator much, much faster and better than with "Easy Language"...
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