Firing Back at Trump in the Trade War with Tariffs Aimed at His Base

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    “In Mitch McConnell’s home state, Kentucky, 18,000 jobs depend on whiskey. So the Chinese put a 25 percent tariff on it.

    Representative Paul D. Ryan, the House speaker, is from Wisconsin, a leading producer of cranberries. So China added cranberries to its list of raised tariffs.

    China also went after pork and soybeans, two of the leading farm products in Iowa, home of Charles E. Grassley, a powerful member of the Senate Agriculture Committee.

    “Forty percent of our exports are now under punitive tariffs,” said Jim Monroe, a spokesman for the National Pork Producers Council.

    The Chinese aren’t the only ones playing this game. Mexico also took aim at whiskey. So did the European Union. And Canada.

    Mexico added pressure on Mr. Grassley’s voters with a tariff on pork. The European Union sent a message to the House speaker by singling out motorcycles — delivering a blow to Harley-Davidson, which is based in his state.”

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  2. maxinger


    from opportunistic view point,

    we can trade soya futures, lean hog futures,
    whiskey and spirits ETF.

    how about trading Cranberry derivatives ?
  3. Humpy


    The trade war is just hotting up and up.
    But don't worry. I am sure the whisky from other countries is just as good as US whisky and now probably cheaper in China. So with most of the products formerly produced as US exports.
    Trump may be putting strains on the economies of China etc. but the rest of the world is filling the gaps nicely. Only a few more years to go guys before sanity returns but will your old trading partners forgive ?
    Gross nationalism is BAD for business. Sounds good but...…………...
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  4. schweiz


    One of the economic laws that, at least to me, exist is: it is three times more expensive to make a new client then to keep an existing client.

    Once gone, most never come back.

    If you have a one of these:

    keep it as it carefully as it will become a collector's item of one of the worst economical statements in men's history.
  5. gkishot


    Short term pain, long term gain.
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    what long term gain? The rewiring of product sourcing on a global level IS long-term and permanent. Any void Americans leave will be immediately filled by other trading partners, permanently, not short-term. This entire trade-war and tariff issue will hurt the small business owners in the middle of America so bad but it will probably be too late when they admit. You think once Chinese have sourced their hogs and beef from Australia that they will happily re-route back to the US once the circus in the US is over? I highly doubt that. We often hear that in turn for this pain American businesses will relocate back to the US which will ultimately benefit workers and consumers. Sure but an isolated America will see its corporate valuations and stock market shrink to at least half because current valuations to a large degree depend on future sales to foreign countries. I am willing to make a bet that Apple in its entirety will be 100% obsolete in China within 5 years. Any Apple product will be replaced by top notch domestic players. Same with the auto industry, computer industry, high tech semiconductors, and and and. This policy hurts America greatly. It only serves an insane emperor who claims he is self made when in fact he sucked the tits of his daddy when he was already 42 years old.

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  7. schweiz


    Or short term gain, long term pain??? Future will tell.

    Google has only 1.84% market share in China.
    Alibaba is one of the biggest webshops in the world.
    China is working on replacing Windows and Android by their own software. (same thing happens in Russia)
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    In the top 10 of best selling mobile phones worldwide, 9 are from Asia. Only Apple is in this list but only on place 8 and still dropping.

    The one liner "Make America great again" is, like most one liners, used to influence people not to think anymore but accept the one liner as the only truth. Kind of indoctrination. Oneliners therefore should sound very good, not their level of truth is important, the sound is.
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    Plus that hat is made in China!
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  10. Sig


    The saddest part of this is that China's leaders know the U.S. down to the point that they understand something as obscure as the cranberry industry and how it impacts Ryan's congressional district. Meanwhile Trump and most of his cabinet would be challenged to find the entire country of China on a map, I'd put good money not a single one of them would be able to name a Chinese province let alone know what was produced there and they clearly don't even have the intellect to know that they should ask U.S. experts who do know about subtleties like who is in charge in a given area and how targeted tariffs would impact the power structure in the country. This whole thing is very embarrassing, it's what happens when you get a bunch of rank amateurs who are proud of their ignorance running things.
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