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    Need some help. I am running Real Tick which has a major conflict with Netgear product (mine is the FR314 model). I learnt today that my fallback plan of using a Linksys DSL router won't work as that too has conflicts with Real Tick. Is there anyone out there successfully running Real Tick through a firewall router? If so what is the make and model. If not then what router are you using with Real Tick and what software firewall product?

    Many thanks
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    It's hard for anyone to help you troubleshoot what's going on unless they can see what the configurations are for your firewall/router. For example, if you have your firewall set on denying all packets in/out then you won't have a connection at all...are you able to surf the web (port 80)? are you able to check mail (pop3) and send mail (smtp)? are you able to ftp (port 21) and ping (icmp)? you would have to see if your instruction book came with configurations guidelines to set your firewall/router as every type is different. A cisco firewall (PIX) or CheckPoint is the best out there but is an overkill for PCs, more suitable is Black ICE or similar product which has easier configurations. You should really call RealTick about this as they will surely help you get it right.
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    thanks for the response Carboxyl - I cut a lot of the BS out of the email as I didn't want to bore people but basically the router does everything you could want it to fine except work with RT!

    I've been working with RT on this for quite some time and they are of the opinion that I have to cut my losses with the router which I agree with. The purpose of the post was to really find out what was working for people out there and save myself some grief!
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    FWIW, I have used RealTick through the Netgear RT314.
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