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  1. it's 3 degrees f. here on the east coast and i have the fireplaces burning...being my conservative self, i am trying to conserve wood... hence, a question for those of you so inclined---- one has 4 pieces of wood-- logs. does the wood last longer if you place one piece in the fire at a time, or burn all 4 at once ? assume no wait time between the first log burning almost all the way out and inserting the next one. stupid question ??

    who knows ?


  2. One at a time or four at once doesn't matter.
    What matters is air flow, the faster the air comes in, the faster the wood will be consumed.
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    As one who has heated a house with wood.

    One at a time and they will last the longest.

    There is always air flow, it is always the same in the same fireplace....... unless you are pointing a fan at it!

    If you put more logs on the will raise the BTU's. And your frozen self will be warmer.

    The dryer the wood, the faster it burns. The wetter the wood you get more creasote and smoke.
  4. One at a time=small fire sit close. Use rounds don't split. Use hardest of wood available. Start with some newspaper and warm your chimney so it will draw better.
  5. that I am done with my 14 year tour of duty in the frigid Northeast!

    I can take my motorcycle out for a ride today here in Sunny Northern California.

    Current Temperature: 62 Degrees

  7. One more question...I heat my home with a central air system based on natural gas (I think...might be electric- I'm very not technical.)

    I also burn alot of wood in my fireplace. Question: Paying $100/cord, am I really saving much money by burning the wood?
  8. Burning wood in a fireplace has an efficiency range of minus 10 percent to plus 15 percent.

  9. yeah, someone told me you are actually wasting heat by burning a fireplace. supposedly, the fire sucks the warm air up the chimney. $100.00 a cord ? that is cheap. it's 125--150 here on the east coast.

  10. hoodoo,

    does minus 10% mean that the already hot air from the central system is being sucked up the chimney, hence defeating the fireplace heat ?

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