Firefox users targeted by malware.

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by taodr, Dec 4, 2008.

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  2. I just don't do online banking at all. I can get an account balance and withdrawal at an ATM, I can mail or carry checks to the bank.

    I have one purpose built computer completely whitelisted by a hardware firewall, still why bother with online banking, am I confined to my room or something? That whitelisted machine never, ever, has ANY problems. The surfing machine is always a little screwed up, when it becomes really annoying I reinstall the OS with a full format....
  3. Next time your rebuild just make a backup copy with Acronis True Image and make a bootable CD and shove the backup on DVD / external HDD.

    Whenever you think there is something not right it takes less than 10 minutes to have the machine restored (in my case about 4 minutes). No configuring etc required.

  4. That would make more sense, I have the Norton Restore software but I just feel over organized doing that... it feels good to just destroy a hard drive with a format for some reason.... I'm sure there is a love-hate thingie twix'n me and computers but I'm just not over it yet...
  5. Isn't that better if your OS is on a separate partition or 2nd HDD? When not, an XP "repair" works well too and can save a lot of reinstallation of apps and tweaking.
  6. Formatting your hard drive doesn't ensure that you would be 100% virus free. Boot-sector virus, for example, will still remain after a fresh format. You can format your computer as much as you want, but them sneeky ones will come right back.
  7. Fak me. Did a file search, and found a sub-folder of Firefox named Greasemonkey on my comp. Guess I better run an AV.