Firefox to IE 7 bookmarks

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by just21, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. just21


    Anybody know how to do this and where the bookmarks are in firefox? thx
  2. horseman


    FF bookmarks menu, select "manage bookmarks". A new window opens up. Select "export" under the file menu. Save it. Should be HTML file. Import into IE
  3. just21


    I figured it out in the end. I reccomend ie7 beta, the multiple home page tabs opening when the application runs is very good.
  4. PM me,

    how do you get a copy of IE7 beta?
  5. Tabbed browsing is something Firefox has offered from day one... and even Netscape has had for a long time. Somehow, took M$ years to begin to see the light on that, on security, and so on.

    Curious -- why are you switching? Except for sites expressly designed for IE (MSN, etc.), Firefox would seem to win hands down, in virtually every way.
  6. microsoft has it as a general beta release

    i've no clue why people want to switch back to IE

  7. just21


    Seems slightly quicker, is more compatible with sites like , version 1.5 of firefox broke more sites than previous versions, the tabbed browsing is better than firefox. Though, favicon support is not as good as firefox (small website icons in favorites and links).
  8. I like FF for it's extensions and I will stick with it. I only browse with IE when a website is IE only site.
  9. just21


    I will use firefox for foxytunes!
  10. firefox is a resource hog. i'm gonna check out IE 7 sometime this week
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