Firefox Security Issue ???

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by jimmyrey, Mar 22, 2010.

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    Before installing version 3.6.2 make sure you've backup, saved or have the installation .exe file for the 3.5 versions because there's some compatibility problems with 3.6.2 with professional video capturing programs, add-ons, anti-virus programs etc cetera.

  4. ive noticed no compat issues and I have 20 add ons
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    Most likely because we don't have the same add-ons. :D

    I'll give 2 examples out of a dozen that stopped working after the upgrade from 3.5x to 3.6x (all confirmed by either firefox themselves or the tech dept of the programs I use)...

    * Realplayer Browser Record Plugin

    * Bitdefender Antiphishing Toolbar

    However, firefox 3.5x works great with all the add-ons I use, video programs and anti-virus program I use. No biggie considering I don't see much of a difference in firefox itself between 3.5x from 3.6x

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    It's Germany, they censor games and want to spy on traders.