Firefox removing all my bookmarks

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  1. I dont know if anyone else has had this problem but I have been using firefox and for the second time it has erased all my book marked pages which as you can imagine is very frustrating. Has anyone else had this hap[pen to them and is there anything I can do to stop it as explorer has never done this?

  2. I've had this happen too many times. And to be honest, I never understood why.
    Sometimes it's updates, other times; no reason. I agree it is very annoying, as it also removes the tab shortcuts.

    Fortunately, you always have backups of your firefox bookmarks stored. Do a search (on your computer) for bookmarks and find the latest one (most recent and correct one should have a decent sized > 0 file, mine is just under a Meg). Then drag it into your latest firefox/profiles folder and replace the blank bookmark file.
    That seems to work for me, but try to do it quickly , not sure how often the backup files get replaced.
  3. never had it happen to me. sounds like a virus.
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    Been using Firefox exclusively for years, and have never had this happen.

    I would guess it in not Firefox, some kind of Spyware or virus.
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    Delete Mozilla folder from Local Settings should helps.
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    sometimes bug in firefox 3.

    i switched back to firefox 2.x when i saw a lot of people had this problem.
  7. I am pretty thorough about viruses, and on the very slim chance that it could be one , I'd like to hear about someone that verified that.
    It is a very intermittent phenomenon, and most often happens on firefox updates.

    There are some known bugs reported here (not viruses, but firefox application bugs).

    One solution they suggest is to always shut down the application firefox before exiting windows. I can recall times where it asked if I wanted to update, and I just said next time. I also know there are many times I just shut down my computer, without paying attention to shutting down FF first. But as I mentioned, it happens so infrequently, I just never really needed to troubleshoot it as the fix I mentioned earlier didn't make it necessary.
  8. Agreed I have a very extensive virus/spyware protection and it only happens on updates
  9. I've had every update and variation of ff3 and on XP and Ws2008 without the issue. I agree that you could use the automatic backups or you could export them yourself from time to time. But it shouldn't be happening.

    I suggest exporting your current bms, noting your add ons, and then uninstalling ff and deleting your ff program and data directories before doing a clean reinstall. Something is fucked in the bogan computer!
  10. Its defo bogan!!!
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