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Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by Pekelo, Oct 3, 2006.

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    Thanks for the link.

    Can someone who understands this stuff tell us what it means? Does this mean Firefox is vunerable to viruses or what exactly?

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    I formerly used Opera and liked it, but it's Firefox for me now. Its Adblock/Flashblock, Scrapbook, and Bookmarks Toolbar are critical elements to my internet experience.
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    Yes, it does. However, this debate will rage without resolution because there's a deep belief issue at stake here.

    Is it a huge risk? Probably not for most of us who browse conservatively. I have firefox as my backup browser but use Avant which is a frontend for the IE engine as my primary. It has a similar set of features that gnome mentioned for FF but is also faster :)
  5. I'll bet it's not the only Javascript implementation with a vulnerability. If using Firefox you can use the noscript extension that blocks Javascript unless you specifically allow it on a per website basis. Not only is it more secure, it also blocks a lot of junk that you probably don't want to see anyway.
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    Unfortunately, Flashblock won't work at the same time as Noscript... :(
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    I had this issue with both: I am visiting a webpage and suddenly the whole browser shots down. WTF?? Is that some kind of security deffense? It happens with Firefox more often...
  8. I have been using Firefox exclusively for years, and never had it suddenly shut down. What websites are you visiting?
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    Various. This morning it was a news website. Nothing serious ones where hackers would lurk...
  10. Bizarre. I don't use anything but Firefox, and that has not happened to me once. And I do a lot of surfing.
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