Firefox Image Burned Into My LCD Monitor!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by hcour, Jul 19, 2006.

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    I'm not believing this! I didn't even think this was POSSIBLE! I have a GEM LCD monitor which I leave on pretty much all the time. I don't use a screen saver because I thought LCD monitors couldn't experience burn-in. A couple of days ago I installed a black theme in Firefox and this morning the damn thing is burned into my monitor. What's up with that? I'm baffled. I thought this was a complete non-issue these days, especially w/an LCD.

    So is this monitor now ruined?

  2. jho


    I heard if you turn your monitor off for a while it will take care of that...not sure how long...maybe 30-60 mins.
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    Yeah, I've got that monitor turned off now, I'll see if that helps.

    But are you saying you've heard of this happening w/an LCD monitor before? Because I haven't found anybody yet who has.

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    I read somewhere that it is rare, but lcd's will temporarily burn in if they are left on for a considerable amount of time. It said that if you leave the monitor off for a while it will fix your problem.
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    'kay, thanks. We shall see.

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    I've heard burn-in is more common in lcd's.

    I've heard burn-in is very common in the higher end Viewsonic lcd's.

  8. Is this what you are seeing???
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    Did it go away? :)
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    Nope, but it's worse than that. This monitor is completely and utterly screwed. It's now burning-in images that have only been on the screen for a hour or less. No kidding. I had a program up w/some green text that read "Intermarket Analysis" for about 45 mins. That phrase is now burned into my screen. I can't remember if this monitor is still under warranty, but even it is, I'm gonna have to pay to ship it to them, then wait for them to ship me a new one. How long is that gonna take I wonder?

    Man, this sucks.

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