Firefox freezing problem vs. Internet Explorer security problems

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by Port1385, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. Every time I type in a password into IE I feel as if some guy in China or Russia is somewhere writing it down. I like IE, but Firefox has been known to freeze.

    How do I get Firefox to not freeze? I dropped the cached memory to 15 mb from 50 mb and eliminated some of the plug-ins. I think the freezing problem is a memory issue.
  2. Might be the Flash plugin. I sometimes have freezes with Firefox on Linux, but not it seems when Flash is blocked using noscript.

    I've also read of others having problems with Flash on all operating systems.
  3. AC3


    Since I started using Firefox 3.x I have found that there is a conflict between it and Windows Media Center which I use to watch TV. WMC will freeze or sputter while the browser is open.
  4. It froze up again just now. I eliminated half of the different plugins. If it freezes again, then I am eliminating all of the plugins.
  5. I use firefox with windows vista. Works great.
  6. MarkB


    I was having problems with my whole computer freezing up when using firefox or IE - just on occasion; it did seem to be flash related. I switched to Google's new browser, Chrome. No more issues and it's a really great browser too. Once in a great while I'll hit a site where it doesn't function properly and that's the only time I'll open one of the other browsers.

    Just something you might like to try.
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    when i am watching 3 youtube videos in three different tabs i have the same problem, it gives an error i think it is memory problem also firefox needs more memory with more tabs and a flash video is already an extra bunch of memory btw i have 1 gb RAM
  8. As mentioned earlier, blocking flash may help.

    On another thread, Flashblock was recommended. Replaces flash with a button, if you choose to view flash, just a click.
    I gave it a try and it works so far. Cleared up the freezing.
  9. Agreed, "Flashblock" and "Adblock Plus" help a lot. Great plugins for Firefox.