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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by illiquid, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Every time I view ET in Firefox I get a full page ad that I have to click backwards from to get to the thread. Is anyone else getting this?
  2. no
  3. spyware
  4. Yup, bigtime.
    I've never seen a full page ad here, and firefox can block a lot anyway-not that the adds here are that bad, by any means.

    What are the ad's for? Might help narrow down the source.
  5. No problem here with Vista
  6. Lucrum


    Me neither
  7. melee


    less porn, more spyware checkers, buddy
  8. Yes, I was getting this too.

    Regularly (but not everytime) when I would click on a forum link, it would show a blank page with only the sponsor's banner ad at the top, and after clicking the back button it would show the actual forum page - with the same banner ad at the top.

    Since then I've reinstalled windows XP, and Firefox, so I couldn't really say what was causing the problem. Seems unlikely to be spyware given it was simply showing the sponsers ad that it was supposed to show. Seemed to be either a deliberate atempt to force you to pay attention to the ad (unlikely :) ), or some sort of bug within firefox (I was using v3.0) and/or the flash plugin that displays the ads.
  9. Yeah this is exactly my experience, the ads are the ones that usually show up on the top of the page but took up the entire page instead.
  10. It is possible to set the size within a Flash application to be full-screen, full-page etc. It could be some Flash-version issue if no one else got this.

    If the ad was one of ET's ads, then there could be some issue within the ad Flash code itself. If it was more unrelated to ET, then it probably could be spyware, like others pointed out.
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