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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by BKuerbs, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. BKuerbs



    I have a little problem when reading EliteTrader using FireFox (, see screenshot.

    I don't remember since when this problem exists, maybe since the last update of FireFox.

    Opera and IE 6 don't have this problem.

    I tried several different code sets in Firefox, but this does not make any difference.

    Any Ideas?

    Many Thanks

    Bernd Kuerbs
  2. andread


    Same version, no problem. I use ISO-8859-1 character encoding. With other encodings I do get a question mark, although not the same you get.
    At the moment I'm using XP Pro SP2
  3. BKuerbs


    I'm using the same encoding but Windows 2000. Maybe that makes the difference?


    Bernd Kuerbs
  4. andread


    I wouldn't say it's very likely, but at the moment I don't have better ideas. The weird thing is that it works with IE. I assume you use the same fonts.
    Another difference might be that I didn't install I had 2.0, and I updated it.
    Also, I don't know in what language you have it. I have the English version. Windows is also in English
  5. BKuerbs


    I'm using German language settings.

    The font does not seem to matter: I tried several (among them Arial, the one used by IE).

    Since Opera and IE don't show this glitch, I guess it must be something about the way FireFox processes the character encoding.


    Bernd Kuerbs
  6. MikeN


    I'm using the latest version of Firefox on 2 Macs and the Elite Trader site has no problems. I also use it on my Windows-equipped Mac (Parallels) on occasion and have no problem on this site with either the text of graphs.
  7. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I'm using Firefox on a mac and there's no problem on this end.
  8. andread


    That was my first guess, but with the same version and same encoding I have no problems.
    It's strange, because this looks really like an encoding problem.
    Maybe you should try on XP
  9. BKuerbs


    It is - but only on this computer. I have a second one with the same versions of W2000 and Firefox and it does display the pages properly. I compared the obvious settings in Firefox - they are identical.

    So it looks like something in the installation of Firefox on my main computer is kaputt.

    I guess I should have made this test before posting.

    Many thanks to all who answered.

    Bernd Kuerbs
  10. FWIW, I have the same ? marks. Firefox and XP pro service pak 2, also ISO-8859-1 character encoding set...
    #10     Jan 12, 2007