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  1. Now that Firefox 2 is out the speed disadvantage with respect to Avant seems to have been overcome.

    Loading is nearly as fast and rendering (using the recommended memory and speed mods below) is actually faster on Futuresource pages. I like the inline spellchecker. Finally the firefox add blocker is superior to the one I've been using so it looks worth considering as browser no 1.

    So, I am looking at Firefox potentially moving from secondary browser to primary with Avant moving back to secondary.

    But the question of experienced Firefox users: which add ons are good? Your recommendations please.
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    Roboform - Automatically fills 'em out.

    IE Tab - If it won't display properly in FF, open it in an IE tab w/o leaving FF.

    Remove It Permanently - Removes anything you want from a web page. I haven't seen those GMail links in ages. Also great when you want to print out a page w/o all the crap.

    ScrapBook - Save web pages.

    All these work w/FF 2.0. Session Saver is also a good one but they haven't upgraded for 2.0 yet.

  3. Babak


    hands down, noscript
  4. MrPaul


    Remove it permanently



    IE Tab

  5. Flashblock

    No Squint
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    Right click on most major sites that ask for a user name and password to view free stuff and it fills in a both and logs on. Works most of the time and saves signing up on every web site.