Firefox 9 - 100% CPU consumption

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  1. I finally tuned FF 8 to work at a decent CPU consumption.
    Along comes a new version and it totally swamps my fast CPU. I can't even type this posting without they keyword freezing.
    Anyone else experience this ?
    I think their solution is to change profiles. But if you do that, you lose all of your history and all of your bookmarks. Great solution !
  2. have you tried starting Firefox in safe mode? chances are that it is one of the add-ons that are causing the problem

    Go to Start > Run and type Firefox –safe-mode
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    Most of the time FF9 works well on my Win7 (64-bit) system, but last night it froze while trying to print a large website. FF printing has always been crappy, but FF is still my preferred browser because of the add-ons.

    For the OP, I recommend trying to identify what is running (add-ons, scripts, etc) when you get 100% CPU utilization. There are also things you can do to speed up FF, such a compressing your bookmark database.
  4. I hate it when you have to tune a bunch of different things for things to work properly; for most common tasks it should work performant right out of the box. Did you try another browser.. say chrome for example. Its very particular to every person but what i have seen is for the sites i frequently visit and for my usage patterns chrome seemed faster than firefox in every aspect - mostly startup.

    Most of the popular firefox plugins are available for chrome also and you can keep stuff in sync using a google account - all the book marks, plugins and settings follow you on any machine.

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    Firefox is rock solid for me, and always has been. As I am writing this I am using 1% CPU usage. IE sucks. Slower than shit. Never use it.
  6. IE9 isn't bad- a bit buggy but I wouldn't say slow.

    At this point Chrome has gotten bloated & swollen IMO so much that I'd say Chrome & IE9 are equal.

    I've never really paid attention to FF on a Windows PC (only use it on Ubuntu) so idk what that usage looks like.

    Most importantly - OP I think you have something terribly wrong or running in the background (like virus, malware) because I've never, ever seen an Internet Browser be capable of 100% CPU consumption.
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    I love FF for the add ons too but recently, I've been using Chrome along with FF. I use Chrome with most of the sites that update more often. Last year, I was exclusively FF but beginning to like Chrome quite a bit. I don't like the way Chrome prints though. It takes a long time to load and doesn't always print the right way.
  8. I use chrome as my primary ... because the way adblock plus and adblock+ element hiding helper perform on chrome suits me better.

    But I run a variant of ff9 as my backup. Try Pale Moon if you like firefox. FF has to run on all the old processors so it isn't fully optimized for new ones. PM is basically firefox compiled for modern cpus which gives it a nice edge.
  9. Wow, thanks for that KIWI !
    But did Pale Moon change the add-on model ?
    That's what's killing FF...the add-ons. Yet, it's impossible to tell which one is causing the problem !
    Disable all add-ons is yet another worthless solution....then I can't do anything !
    BTW: it took me over 5 minutes to type all of this. FF kept my keyboard from responding.
  10. But which one ?
    Trial and error ? THAT SUCKS...HUGELY.
    It's apparent FF was designed by geeks with no design oversite by higher level IT architects.
    Their add-on model is killing them.
    It's ashame everything else was so well designed...especially the GUI and the options / configuration model.
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